Designing Solutions


About Us

Designing Solutions Is Intelligence Applied.

Who We Are!

There is nothing more exciting and joyful than designing solutions to challenges. Simply put, Designing Solution is the intelligence applied. In a nutshell, we partner with our clients in understanding the challenges, gathering intelligence and assisting our clients make better, smarter and informed decisions. Our expertise in GIS and Surveying services is a natural outcome of our chequered journey of 16 years in this field. Our cumulative professional experience is more than 50 years.

Designing Solutions is an employee-owned organization. The common thread that binds us all, an eclectic mix of passionate and seasoned professionals, is our love for our craft, talent and an unquenchable entrepreneurial zeal.
This is what sets us apart from the rest.

Designing Solutions is committed to providing a wide range of surveying services, using best-in-class practices and leveraging the latest technologies. Our team of specialists in the field of Mapping & Geo-Spatial Data Generation, Asset Mapping, Optic Fiber Network Planning, Feasibility Surveys, GIS-Based Plan and Profile Mapping, audits for Fiber Optic Routes and POI Data Collections and many other fields, gives us the competitive edge to deliver quality solutions. Having such a team of specialists and experts had led us to serve diverse industry verticals with consummate ease.

Companies engaged in businesses across a wide spectrum of industries, today, are leveraging the GIS and surveying techniques and practices like never before, and, this is rapidly changing the way the world works. By virtue of our expertise in GIS and Surveying, we have served many key industrial sectors.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Designing Solutions is very mindful of giving back to society with the express purpose of enriching the world we live in. Our initiatives under the banner of “Joy Of Giving” include campaigns involving every team member. With the objective to bolster the mandate of primary education to all, Designing Solutions engages its energies also by providing basic infrastructure to government primary schools including school desks, uniforms, stationery, building Libraries & Computer Labs, installation of Water Purifiers & Water coolers and many other activities.

Earth is our only home and it is our responsibility to keep our environment healthy and clean. Committed to our only home, we conduct several plantation and cleanliness drives in our vicinity and neighborhoods.

Every second person on our only home; Earth, is a woman. We believe in equality and strongly advocate women’s empowerment. Free Medical Women Health Consultation campaigns; sensitizing them to women-specific health issues are our expression of grave concern for women. We also organize self-defense sessions.

As our northern region is known for its acute winters. We organize blankets & woolen clothing distribution drives; to help the needy and underprivileged people of our society.

We will be delighted to go with you where few have been and to do what may seem improbable. We are ever-ready for a challenge!