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Holistic Urban Planning

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Land available to us as a country remain static, but our anthropocentric attitude has led to abuse of land use leading to constant depletion of land cover. Therefore, now, to understand the current landscape in order to make plans; rural or urban, for judicious use of land; intelligence on Land Use and Land Cover change (LULC) is absolutely mission critical. Our integrated approach of GIS and Remote Sensing is the silver-lining for futuristic and sustainable progress for all.

Knowledge is power. We empower our clients with a range of Point of Interest Surveys by engaging our up-to-date technologies and a team of experienced data science professionals. We also marshal our resources and capabilities in delivering well structured, accurate, digital, easy to implement and responsive Field Surveys.

Our tailor-made POI survey and Field report is an extensive yet granular document covering unique intelligence of carefully categorized information. Our reports have provided the intelligence to banks, retail chains, real estate, govt. entities etc. for devising data-driven solutions resulting in best utilization of places for all.