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Web Application Development

We help our customers embrace the mobile-centric web reality and transform their systems into modern cross-platform applications. Drawing from our deep front-end expertise, our web app developers implement the most demanded web app development scenarios by creating functional, convenient, and visually compelling applications that offer end users invariably the perfect experience across desktops, smartphones, and tablets.

UI/UX Development

We’ve been in the business long enough to know that exceptional User Interface & User Experience are the foundations upon which all great products are built. We put in the time and effort to make sure that the look and feel of your product is more than just aesthetic pleasing. We deliver products that engage, motivate and resonate with users from all walks of life.

Mobile App Development

Regardless of the type of mobile app you have in mind; we have a solution that fits your business needs. We provide your users with sleek, productive and easyto-use mobile solutions, and they pay you back with increased loyalty and realworld engagement. To secure coverage of all dimensions of the solution’s quality, our mobile app developers focus on delivering across all the popular mobile platforms and ensuring most optimal coverage of all target audiences.

Software Development

Designing Solution, a seasoned software development company, provides offshore software development services. We thoroughly study the business and competitive environments of the firms we serve in order to develop cost-effective solutions tailored to their specific requirements. We provide powerful, dependable, and feature-rich apps that may be used with any current database system. The application may be completely independent and run on a single computer, utilize network services, or be web-connected


Software Testing

Designing Solution, a seasoned software testing company, provides offshore software testing services. In order to build the best application possible, we owe it to both ourselves and our clients to offer Software Quality Assurance. We offer a comprehensive range of software testing services, from the development of test cases through the production of test results. For Designing Solutions, functional and non-functional testing are areas of expertise. We adhere to best practices for test planning, test case design, test environment creation, test case execution, the problem reporting process, and test report generation.


Project Planning and Management

Tracking the project’s progress along the route to make sure it is on schedule A number of processes, strategies, resources, and information are used in project management. It differs from general management since a project’s scope is limited, its deadlines are set, and its deliverables are specific. A temporary project must balance the team members’ time commitments with the company’s typically limited cash resources. Although this is a challenging task, it might be finished in a few deliberate steps with the right strategies and equipment. The project manager will delegate certain tasks, or team members can choose to volunteer. With the customer or among themselves, the team decides on a project schedule.


Technology Consultancy

We deliver premium, mission-critical corporate solutions that satisfy all of your requirements and help you reach your main
business objective. We provide consulting services across the whole IT lifecycle, from software system design, development,
and implementation to business process re-engineering. With the aid of our individual and combined experience in the design,
implementation, and maintenance of IT and communication systems around the world, our consulting services are designed to
fulfill your business requirements.

Adobe Experience Manager(AEM)

We are in AEM Development.Adobe Experience Manager is a scalable, open-source Web content management system (WCMS) that unifies marketing and website content management elements into a single platform. AEM offers a range of consoles for managing websites, digital assets, marketing campaigns, and communities/forums. A scalable, open source Web content management system (WCMS), Adobe Experience Manager (formerly Communique), integrates marketing and website content management features into a single platform.


We are in Salesforce Development. Businesses can utilize Salesforce services to improve connections with partners, customers, and potential customers by utilizing cloud computing. Companies may monitor customer behavior, market to customers, and do a variety of other tasks with the Salesforce CRM. Salesforce is a provider of cloud-based software that gives companies tools to identify more prospects, close more deals, and give their clients better service.


Engagment practices

Fixed Cost Model

If your company or you has a fixed set of software development requirements or ideas for creating new solutions or service, then the fixed cost model will be the best suited for you.

T & M Model

You can hire our dedicated resources as well. They will only be working on your project. A daily timesheet of your work will also be submitted to you. Even though you hire dedicated resource.

Partner With Us

You can also partner with us for your growth, diversification on a mutual benefit basis, We will give you qualified and experienced professionals with sound domain knowledge.

Hourly Model

It you or your company has software development requirements that would demand adopting changes and flexibility, then the hourly model is best suited for you