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Upgrading Staff Management


Upgrading Staff Management Tool to Web-based SAAS Solution

A hospital used an Excel-based daily productivity tool to manage their staff. They wanted to upgrade this tool to an online version that would help frontline leaders develop volume-based human capital needs.

The new tool would need to track staff hours and productivity, forecast staffing needs, generate reports on staff utilization, and provide insights into staffing trends.

The hospital worked with a team to design and develop a new online staff management tool that met their needs. The tool is now in use and has helped the hospital to improve their staffing efficiency and effectiveness.

Web Application

June 18, 2019

Supply Chain Management

React.JS, and Node.JS

Challenges We Faced

Data Migration:

Transfer data seamlessly from the Excel-based tool to the new online version without data loss or discrepancies.

User Training:

Train frontline leaders and staff on how to use the new online tool effectively to maximize its benefits.

Real-time Data Integration:

Ensure real-time integration with other hospital systems to provide up-to-the-minute staffing information.


Design the online tool to accommodate future growth and changing staffing requirements as the hospital expands.

Data Security:

Implement robust security measures to safeguard sensitive staff and patient data in compliance with healthcare regulations.

Custom Reporting:

Develop customized reporting features to provide insights into staffing trends and utilization specific to the hospital's needs.

Maintenance and Updates:

Establish a system for ongoing maintenance, updates, and support to keep the tool functioning optimally.

Data Accuracy:

Ensure that the tool accurately tracks staff hours and productivity to support effective decision-making.

How did we deliver the solutions?

Based on the client’s requirements, we decided to use Laravel as the platform for building their web-based SaaS solution. Laravel is a PHP framework that is known for its speed, scalability, and security. It was the perfect choice for this project as it would allow us to build a solution that could handle the large amount of data involved and that could be easily scaled up in the future.

We started by creating mockups of the tool. These mockups allowed us to visualize the tool and to make sure that it would be able to meet the client’s needs. We took into account the data-intensive nature of the tool and ensured that the mockups reflected this.

Next, we translated the Excel sheets into actual user stories. This involved understanding the specific requirements of the project and translating them into a format that we could easily work with. We took the time to understand the nuances of the client’s business and to ensure that the user stories were accurate and complete.

We kept in mind all the actualities while writing user stories. We knew that even minor errors in the user stories could result in major issues in the final product. We took the time to understand the nuances of the client’s business and to ensure that the user stories were accurate and complete.

Once we completed the user stories and got them approved by the stakeholders, we began development. The development process went smoothly thanks to the thorough work that we had done in the earlier stages. We were able to build a solution that met the client’s needs and that was scalable for future enhancements.


The final product is user-friendly and accessible to all users, regardless of their level of proficiency. It provides better insights into staff management, which has led to improved productivity and patient care.

The automation of the tool has saved a lot of time, which has led to increased productivity. The tool is now a web-based SAAS solution, which means that it can be accessed from anywhere with an internet connection. This makes it more convenient for users.

The web-based SAAS solution is also designed to be user-friendly, which makes it easy to use and navigate. This has helped to improve staff management insights and streamline operational processes. Ultimately, this has led to improved patient care.

Major Impacts:

The user-friendly web-based SAAS tool offers improved staff management insights, boosting productivity and patient care. Its automation has saved time, enhancing accessibility and convenience for users.