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Virtual Kitchen Solution

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Virtual kitchen solution that helps restaurants and food businesses for Gzooh Kitchens

We created a well-designed and informative website that clearly explained the company’s services and how they could benefit restaurants and food businesses.

Many Essential modules have been added to the website with our highly skilled web developers.

These modules helped the website to gain a greater brand visibility.

Web Application

June 18, 2019


MongoDB, Express, React, and Node.JS

Challenges We Faced

Defining the Target Audience:

The first challenge was to define the target audience for the website.

Creating a Clear and Concise Message:

Once we had defined the target audience, we needed to create a clear and concise message that would resonate with them.

User-Friendly Navigation:

Ensuring that users can easily navigate through the website to find the information they need can be tricky, especially when there are numerous modules and sections.

Mobile Responsiveness:

Making the website look and function well on various devices and screen sizes, including smartphones and tablets, is crucial for reaching a broader audience.

How We Solved the Problem?

We conducted research and interviewed potential customers to understand their needs and wants. This helped us to create a website that was relevant and useful to them. We brainstormed different ideas and tested them out with potential customers to make sure that our message was clear and concise. We created a clear and logical navigation system that made it easy for users to find the information they needed. We also used clear and concise labels and titles to help users understand what each page was about. We made sure that the website looked and functioned well on various devices and screen sizes.


We faced a number of challenges in developing the Gzooh Kitchens website, including defining the target audience, creating a clear and concise message, ensuring user-friendly navigation, and making the website mobile-responsive. We implemented a number of solutions to address these challenges, including conducting research and interviewing potential customers, brainstorming different ideas and testing them out with potential customers, creating a clear and concise navigation system, and using a responsive design. As a result of our efforts, we were able to create a website that was relevant and useful to our target audience, communicated our message clearly and concisely, was easy to navigate, and looked and functioned well on all devices.

Major Impacts:

We crafted a MERN stack-based custom dialer with automated dialing, call quality monitoring, do-not-call compliance, and robust reporting to fulfill the client’s requirements.